Amazon Riverboat Charter
Arrange an Amazon cruise just for your company or family!


We operate many private Amazon cruises every year. An Amazon cruise charter is perfect for a family trip, collection of friends, for a tour operator, educational programs, or for incentive travel. The Motor Yacht Tucano is available for charter throughout the year and we can customize the itinerary to your interests and also budget.

There are a number of reasons why a private charter is an ideal way for a small group to experience the Amazon:

A) Thoughtful and Essential Itineraries
The itinerary of our group programs are active, meaningful and very authentic experiences that can vary in length from four to seven nights. Starting in Manaus, Brasil, our cruises explore the two most important rivers in the Amazon: The Rio Negro and the Amazon River itself.

B) Minimum Group Size is Small
While the Motor Yacht Tucano is a large and comfortable vessel, it was designed to offer travelers all the advantages of small group travel. We frequently have groups as small as 10 travelers or as many as 19. These small groups enable travelers to experience the fullness of the Amazon in an intimate and intensive way that larger groups simply cannot. Most private groups have no difficulty gathering the small number of people necessary to charter the Motor Yacht Tucano.

C) Only Your Passengers
Each group Amazon cruise is operated for one group only. No passengers from other groups are mixed into the departure. Your passengers will have the M/Y Tucano to themselves and will strongly identify with your company.

D) Many Departure Dates to Choose From
We usually have a departure schedule written for up to 18 months. Private charters can be arranged well in advance so that there is plenty of time to promote a cruise.

Operationally, Our Cruises are Superior
We Go Where Many Vessels Cannot: The M/Y Tucano was built for the rivers of Amazonia. It has a shallow draft which allows us to explore the tributaries in the unsettled interior. Large vessels, because of their draft, are unable to go into the interior and are confined to the main rivers. On Tucano we are able to navigate into the small tributaries where an abundance of wildlife can still be found.

Small Group Size: Even though the Tucano is a big boat, it was designed for relatively small groups of up to eighteen participants. A small group size is really essential to observing wildlife. Large groups entail logistics that drive away wildlife and dilute personal contact with the guides. With a small group it is easier to communicate the magnificent detail of the flora and fauna of Amazonia.

Pristine Rainforests: We operate in one of the least settled areas of the Amazon. Our trips take place in true wilderness which is rarely seen by other visitors. The trips are never routine. Some cruise vessels ply the same waters week after week, year after year, but we vary our itineraries to keep them interesting for the guests and the guides alike.

Highly Skilled Guides: Our naturalists are some of the very best in the Amazon. They have the extensive knowledge of flora and fauna but also the culture of the Amazon settlers and of Brasil. For specialized tours, we can also bring with us well known scientists in almost any field to accompany the group.

We Are There!: We play a vital role in the trips. All of the details of the trip, from the course of Tucano to how much salt is put in the food, are directly monitored by us. We do everything possible to make the expedition interesting and enjoyable to our guests.

How to begin to charter the Motor Yacht Tucano? Simply send us an email message or give us a call and we will help you plan a trip for your group to the greatest wilderness on earth.