Explore the Largest Reserve in the Amazon
Amazon Expedition Cruises into the World's Largest Rainforest Reserve


Expedition cruises on the Motor Yacht Tucano explore deep into the world's largest ecological reserve, The Central Amazon Ecological Corridor which is also a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site.

This reserve was previously a mosaic of other reserves and uninhabited wilderness, but on February 19th, 2009 the Brasilian Environmental Authority, IBAMA, began to integrate a new park into this system: The Parque Nacional Anavilhanas. This is the last component of a mosaic of reserves which together form the world's largest rainforest reserve: the Central Amazon Ecological Corridor. Currently there is only one cruise vessel that conducts expedition cruises deep into this reserve: The Motor Yacht Tucano

Red HowlerThis new reserve contains tens of thousands of square miles of uninhabited wilderness rainforest. There are dense forests of giant trees and also one of the world's largest island archipelagos. Within the reserve there is a great variety of vegetation types and rich bio diversity of flora and fauna that is almost unparalleled in the Amazon. There are also many animals which are under threat of extinction elsewhere in the Amazon. Among these are the Amazon Manatee, the Jaguar, the world's largest freshwater fish, the Pirarucu, and several exotic species of birds. Other creatures commonly found in the area but which are becoming rare elsewhere are Pink River Dolphin, Gray River Dolphin, River Otter and also Giant River Otter. Still very common are Macaw Parrots, Toucans and spectacular birds like Harpy Eagles. Over 120 different kinds of birds are seen on each trip. The Amazon's s crocodiles, Caiman, including the giant Black Caiman, are still common in this area. On our cruise it will be difficult to see all of these animals, because they hide from us! But we always see some of them and we are treated to exploring one of the last great wildernesses on earth.

The cruise on the M/Y Tucano is called Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon and we venture deep into this new reserve. Over seven days and six nights and we explore the narrow rivers and wilderness rainforest looking for wildlife. With naturalist guides and a thoughtful itinerary, the guests observe exotic plants and animals for which the Amazon is famous.

Voyage to the Heart of the Amazon is the most thorough, detailed, and sophisticated trip offered in the entire Amazon. The guides are accomplished naturalists and on the trip guests see creatures almost never seen by other visitors. The trip is an active trip and guests explore the rainforest on foot and in the ship's launches. The small groups will be led by skilled naturalist guides so that participants will be able to experience the wilderness in the most authentic way possible.