A Expedition Style Riverboat is Best
A modern vessel in the the classic expedition style is the best way to experience and explore the rainforest.


The 19th Century steamships that explored far into the interior reaches of the Amazon had large opening windows, a shallow draft, broad beam for stability, and a sense of style that today we would call elegance. In the Amazon, these same advantages are as true today as they were in the 1890's. The classic style is really suited to the Amazon and enable travelers to voyage deep into the rainforest in style and comfort.

The Motor Yacht Tucano was built entirely new and and went into service in 1997. We could have built a "luxury" craft with walls of glass, but the M/Y Tucano was built in the tradition of the steamboats that navigated the Amazon in the late 19th century. Why? Because over the many years that we have operated nature cruises in the Amazon we learned that the traditional design has several crucial advantages for Amazon river travel. The most important of these is that it is important to be able to have bright and airy staterooms, but at the same time, not be confined to the glass bubble that sealed vessels become. On the M/Y Tucano we open the windows sometimes during the day to smell the flowers and to acclimate to this magnificent environment. Unfortunately, the word luxury when applied to small ships means an experience something like living in an aquarium.

The more reasons that the classic style is best are shallow draft and large volume of the interior space.

The M/Y Tucano is very wide at its base and has a flat bottom so at its deepest point the vessel draws only five feet. This enables the vessel to explore remote Amazon rivers where most other vessels cannot navigate. The M/T Tucano is a big boat with a very large interior space, but she routinely crosses the sand bars that cover the entrances of many rivers in Amazonia, and continues on for tens or hundreds of miles farther into the wilderness. We are able to explore the small meandering rivers where wildlife is abundant but which are closed to almost all other passenger vessels. The traditional design is by far the most practical for nature exploration.

Given the typical calmness of the Amazon's rivers, Tucano is able to have three decks resulting in a quite large interior space. The M/Y Tucano has almost twice the interior volume as a comparable vessels. This extra space goes into ample overhead ceilings, large cabins, full size bathrooms, and many comforts which would simply not be possible in a contemporary design. Especially important is that the riverboat style allows the M/Y Tucano to have many large windows. Tucano has over seventy windows all of which are three feet high and can be opened for passengers to enjoy the scent of Amazon blossoms. Every cabin has at least four of these windows which makes the vessel bright and airy, which is a very different experience than that of most contemporary yachts with their port holes and sealed skylights. Tucano's large interior space enables the guest to relax in comfort on our exploration cruises.

But just because the M/Y Tucano has the appearance of a traditional riverboat does not mean that it is not a thoroughly up to date and modern yacht. The vessel was built using sophisticated equipment, materials, and advanced construction techniques. From the electrical and water systems to the advanced propulsion and navigation systems, Tucano offers all of the convenience, security, and comfort of a modern yacht. There are individual air-conditioning thermostats in every cabin as well as volume controls for the boat-wide sound system. The vessel has state of the art communications and navigation equipment so that no matter how far into the world's greatest wilderness the vessel may explore, there is still contact with the outside world.

The traditional design of the M/Y Tucano has had another wonderful advantage, the beautiful finish details of the 19th Century. The cabins, Salon, and main corridors are crafted of exquisite solid wood raised paneling. The deep amber color of the varnished wood is accented by polished brass hardware found throughout the vessel. The walls are decorated with framed botanical prints as well as antique maps from the great era of exploration. The Tucano experience offers the classical elegance of a bygone era but combined with the capability and the spirit of modern exploration.

Come with us for the most exceptional, extraordinary experience in the Amazon.