Amazon Cruises on the Tucano are Superior

Channel Billed ToucanWhy book cruises on our vessel? Because we do Amazon travel better!
Our amazon cruises are the very best way to experience the Amazon rainforest to its fullest. Our trips are very authentic and we take great efforts to avoid the touristy make believe that is very common in Amazon river cruises. Travelers will be thankful that they have taken more meaningful trips.
Our expedition cruises in the Amazon offer travelers the best experience available in this natural paradise. We often see creatures that are missed by other travelers. This is because our guides are very knowledgeable, we go much farther away from settled areas than any other group and because we keep the size of our group small.

Our trips are also exploratory. We are able to do this because the Amazon is so big that there are thousands of remote rainforest rivers with virtually no settlement. Every trip is a one of a kind, once in a lifetime experience.


Four Things Make Our Trips the Most Interesting and Fun Amazon Experience:
1) Small Groups: On our fixed departures we accept a maximum of 9 cabins. By keeping the group size small, we stay focused on the forest and are not distracted by a mob scene. A small group also allows guests to spend much more time with the guides----which really enriches the experience.

2) Highly Skilled Guides: Our guides are some of the very best in the Amazon. They are naturalists which helps us unlock the secrets of the magnificent wildlife of the rainforest.

3) Exploratory: All of our trips are a little different. We try to visit particular places only a few times per year. This ensures that the trips are interesting for both the guests and the guides---the trips are never routine tourist traps. We often see creatures missed by other travelers.

4) We Take care of the Details: We have been conducting trips in the Amazon since 1989. We do everything possible to make the trips interesting and enjoyable to our guests.