Deck Descriptions, Motor Yacht Tucano

Below are diagrams of each of the three decks of Tucano. Passenger cabins are indicated by drawn beds. Note the symbol for windows. There are lots of them and they are large permitting the Amazon breeze scented with blossoms to waft into the cabins, (unless you choose to close them and the curtains too).

All of the 9 cabins on Tucano are outside cabins with large windows and private bathrooms. Each cabin is air-conditioned with its own thermostat. All of the cabins are comfortable and all have private baths. The Salon is at the front of the boat affording splendid views of the rainforest throughout the day. The Salon is also air-conditioned, though in the cool of the day we generally leave the windows open to breathe the fresh air scented by Amazon blossoms. There are lots of windows on the boat and all of them open and close.

Observation Deck
tucano Observation DeckThe Observation Deck runs the length of the entire upper deck on the M/Y Tucano. Guests can go forward and watch the crew navigate the vessel, sit comfortably under the canopy and scan the canopy for monkeys and birds, or simply swing in a hammock in lazy comfort.This deck is open and an exceptional place to observe wildlife. The forward balcony allows views to the front and into the treetops. From beneath the sun canopy we see the world's greatest collection of birds and the occasional monkey cavorting in the branches.From the top deck there is wilderness as far as the eye can see.The top deck is a wonderful place to lounge around as we cruise along the wilderness river.

From this deck the immensity of the Amazon becomes clear. From horizon to horizon we see forest and rivers, and almost completely undeveloped. We can appreciate how the all of world once was, a vast wilderness whose only sounds are the wind, the calls of animals, and the lapping of waves on remote uninhabited shores. It is a magnificent view and experience, and we are treated to it every day during the trip.

Tucano Obs Deck

Middle Deck
Tucano Middle DeckThe balcony around the front of the boat is a wonderful place to pull up a chair and observe the forest close up. The salon is airy and has windows all the way around. All of the walls are paneled in lovely hardwood.Two cabins on this deck have a single beds separated by a night stand. Two other cabins have a bunk bed with a twin size mattress above and below. All of the cabins have private showers and sinks.   

The Mid-deck balcony has connecting doors to the Salon. It is a wonderful place to relax with a good book, sip a glass of wine, a soft drink or a beer, or simply to marvel at the splendor of the last great wilderness on Earth.

Tucano Mid Deck

Main Deck
Two cabins on this deck have single beds separated by a nightstand. By inserting a third Tucano Middle Decknarrow bed in the middle, these cabins can also accommodate three persons. Two other cabins number have a bunk bed with a twin size mattress above and below. All of the cabins have private showers and sinks. There is a full galley and a swim deck at the stern. We get in and out of our launches to the side of the boat through two entries designed for this purpose.



Tucano Main Deck