Our Amazon cruises are zika free.

Zika Update: Amazon Cruises on the Motor Yacht Tucano are safe! The mosquito is not there! Fortunately, there is very little risk to travellers on our Amazon cruises of exposure to any tropical diseases, including the newly arrived zika virus. The main reason is that the kind of mosquito that transmits the zika virus, the Aedes species, is very rare and not native to the Rio Negro where we explore! Our cruises are wilderness cruises and they take place in a UNESCO Natural World Heritage Site where the Aedes species is extremely rare. And because our trips explore the remote Rio Negro where the water is very acidic, there are very few mosquitoes at all. Those few mosquitoes that are encountered are in the forest and they are easily avoided with insect repellent and proper clothing.

Another comforting fact about our cruises is that the zika virus is transmitted exclusively from one human to another by mosquito bites only and bites exclusively of that one kind, the Aedes. Because our cruises are true wilderness cruises, most of our time is spent in very remote, uninhabited places ... far away from other people. In 27 years of operation none of our travellers have ever been infected with a tropical disease.

Fortunately, these two aspects of our cruises make it very unlikely that travellers will be exposed to mosquito transmitted disease of any kind. However, even though there is very little risk, with an abundance of caution, we have taken an additional step to help ensure the health of our travellers. As of this week we have modified our cruise itineraries to avoid spending time in areas where the Aedes mosquito can occur. While Aedes is essentially unknown on the Rio Negro, it is more common in settlements along the Amazon River itself, so we have modified our cruise itineraries so that travellers on the M/Y Tucano will not be in any area where the Aedes mosquito persists. We are confident that our travellers will remain healthy. We are also sure that through the diligent efforts of the Brasilian Health Service the spread of the zika virus will be halted. We look forward to continuing to offer your travellers a wonderful, exciting, and healthy voyage in the greatest wilderness on earth

Our cruises enable your travelers to experience the Amazon in a comfortable and authentic way. With our 27 years of operations, we offer an efficient, enjoyable, and unforgettable experience.

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